Cloud Services Datacenter Field Engineer

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02/06/2023 - ΕΝΕΡΓΗ

Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα


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  • Περιγραφή

    We are a leading provider of cloud services from Greece, and we are currently seeking a talented and experienced Cloud Services Datacenter Field Engineer to join our team. As a Field Engineer, you will play a crucial role in setting up and maintaining our hardware infrastructure and providing hands-on support to resolve any issues that arise in our datacenters.
  • Απαιτούμενες γνώσεις


    * Install, configure, and maintain hardware equipment in our cloud services datacenters
    * Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of servers, storage devices, and networking equipment
    * Troubleshoot hardware issues and perform necessary repairs or replacements
    * Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure efficient datacenter operations
    * Monitor and respond to alerts, ensuring the availability and reliability of our infrastructure
    * Assist in capacity planning and hardware procurement efforts
    * Provide hands-on support during equipment installations, relocations, and upgrades
    * Document and maintain accurate records of hardware inventory, configurations, and changes


    * Solid experience in datacenter operations and hands-on hardware installation and maintenance
    * In-depth knowledge of server hardware, storage devices, and networking equipment
    * Familiarity with cloud services and technologies
    * Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
    * Excellent understanding of datacenter best practices and industry standards
    * Ability to work independently and under pressure in a fast-paced environment
    * Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    * Willingness to travel to different datacenter locations as required
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    We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all individuals and value diversity in our workforce. We believe in nurturing talent and investing in our employees' growth and development.
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